Meet The Authors

Jason Cormier and James Clark co-founded the digital marketing agency, Room 214, in September of 2004. Their initial focus was helping companies grow through search engine optimization, Google Adwords, and the development of smart content -- which was frequently syndicated through custom blog installs on a new and emerging platform called WordPress.

By 2007, Room 214 was helping to pioneer a new form of marketing -- leveraging the first wave of podcasting, influencer outreach and early social listening technologies. Recognized as an award-winning "social media agency" that year, James and Jason ("the J's") would go on to help hundreds of brands innovate in areas of customer service (on Twitter), social media applications (custom Facebook apps), visual storytelling (video scribe and infographics development), digital advertising and online community building (through their 2013 acquisition of SocialEngine).

As an accomplished author and marketing consultant helping one of his clients leverage SocialEngine for an online community, Bill Eager contacted the J's in 2014 to offer insightful feedback for improving the platform and the company's marketing. A friendship was soon established, and the J's quickly learned about Bill's flair for content marketing, in addition to his rich history with educating the masses about early Internet and web technologies.

Determined to satisfy the goal of writing a book, inspired by a Tim Sanders talk ("Love is the Killer App") at a South by Southwest conference long ago -- Bill, James and Jason now gratefully share Transformative Digital Marketing with you. Thank you for your attention and interest.



Jason Cormier

Jason Cormier is a co-founder of Room 214, a digital marketing and social media agency born in 2004. After serving as an Operations Specialist in the US Navy, Jason's career began when he launched a web development firm (Flash Internet) out of a computer lab at Santa Barbara City College in 1996.

Selling his firm in early 2000, Jason would later serve as VP of Internet Services for NetLojix (running data center services and sales), CEO of Business2Order (a hosted website solution for the merchant services industry), and Managing Partner of Vital Sourcing (working with James Clark as the pre-cursor to Room 214).

Since co-founding Room 214, Jason has written for Search Engine Watch, contributed to college text books on modern marketing, and has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at a variety of industry and client conferences.

Jason now serves on HubSpot's Partner Advisory Council (representing one of fifteen agencies, out of over 3,000 agency partners worldwide) -- and is part of the mentor program at Watson University, supporting "the world's most promising next-generation change makers and social entrepreneurs." As an eternal optimist, entrepreneur and business developer, he pursues acting out of love instead of fear, putting people over process, and leading with humility.

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James Clark

James Clark is a co-founder of Room 214 and President of SocialEngine, an online community and social network software provider. After earning his degree in journalism from Colorado State University, James began immediately working his way up through public relations agencies.

Excelling in an ability to help companies uniquely develop their public personas, in addition to helping business leaders communicate to key media and investor audiences -- James' became a partner and President of one of the most reputable (Inc. 500 Fastest Growing) high-tech PR firms in the US.

As a visionary, entrepreneur, and intuitive early adopter -- James co-founded and sold eConference, one of the first web-based conference and screen sharing applications for business presentations. He would later help lead efforts in the development of a proprietary blog and podcasting platform leveraged by leading brands that included the Travel Channel, Bernina and Alltel Wireless. 

James has served recently in mentor roles for the Boulder Digital Arts program, and Colorado State Department of Journalism and Media. He is passionate about the transformational power of truth in storytelling, is driven by creating valuable relationships and delivers strategy across a wide range of businesses seeking to grow, innovate and integrate digital technologies.

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Bill Eager

Bill Eager gives keynote presentations about digital marketing, teaches Facebook for Business classes, and helps clients develop dynamic social media content on channels that reach millions of viewers. He has written 12 books about the Internet including Using the Internet and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Marketing -- and often contributes as a Room 214 content creator. 

Bill has managed web site development for Fortune 100 companies including RE/MAX, Kaiser Permanente, Diners Club, TCI, Verizon and many others. He co-founded a company that created a chat system which was sold to Oracle, and wrote a business plan for an online travel affiliate network that was sold to Travelocity. As an Internet and technology trends pioneer, he also helped create one of the first large-scale Intranets connecting 25,000 employees at BASF Corporation.

Bill's leading focus is on content-based marketing that inspires audience engagement and social sharing. His passion for online communications stems from a recognition that positive, interactive dialog creates an environment where people can co-create success in business and in the world.

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