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You Call Yourself a Marketing Pro?
As a marketer, you know there’s a salvo of silver bullets you are expected to find, aim, and fire: for yourself, your team, and your company. You are responsible for business recommendations, technology decisions, and pot-of-gold marketing solutions to bring your company (or clients) to the promised land of brand awareness and sales.

You hear about all the success stories, and you read the recycled tips and tricks from whichever guru of the week has caught your attention. You attend conferences and mine the Internet for answers, eyes wide with expectation. You trade your email address for downloadable wisdom. You feel you’re on the cusp of something great, but also find you’re just not delivering on all you can.

Why? Because marketing is hard. The landscape is ever-changing, unlike that of any other function in business. Whether you’re a marketing team of one or one thousand, it always seems you could be doing better. You can... and you will.

What Others are Saying...

"Transformative Digital Marketing offers an evolving path to success for companies willing to lead with strategy, embrace change and learn from others doing it right."

Brian Halligan
Co-founder & CEO of HubSpot, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management

“Today customers turn to digital first and if you create online content and are active in social networks, you can reach them at precisely the right moment. Transformative Digital Marketing details the proven strategy used by the best agencies to reach buyers directly and grow business.”

David Meerman Scott
Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Bestselling Author of Ten Books, Including The New Rules of Marketing and PR

"Transformative Digital Marketing reveals what the best marketers know and do to holistically influence buyer behavior and drive business growth. Two Likeable thumbs up."

Dave Kerpen
Chairman of Likeable Media & NY Times Bestselling Author of The Art of People

"Transformative Digital Marketing is the result of early adopters experimenting with modern marketing concepts on growing businesses bold enough to let them do so. Now every company can benefit by adapting what's laid out here to their own approach."

Joel Comm
New York Times Best-Selling Author, Technologist & Futurist


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